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Replacement VELUX Glazing
Replacement VELUX Glazing

VELUX Rooflight Replacement Glazing in 


HessianCole specialise in VELUX skylights, we are VELUX certified installers based in Bicester, Oxfordshire and we replace the glazing in VELUX windows throughout Oxfordshire and surrounding counties.  Contact us now if your VELUX glass is misted, cracked or you would like to upgrade to a more efficient pane in 


Misted or cracked glazing in your VELUX window not only looks unsightly but its costing you money too. The seal between the 2 layers of glass has failed, releasing the gas and allowing moisture to enter and cloud your view.  The double glazed unit is now far less effective at insulating your living space, increasing your heating bills and often causing condensation issues on the window glass and frames.

HessianCole have extensive experience replacing glazing to VELUX windows in and around Oxfordshire.  Trained by VELUX and also members of the Certified Installer scheme we are here to help with VELUX glass/glazing replacement.  Depending on the age of your VELUX window you have the option to either replace or upgrade the glazing and we carry out a VELUX glazing replacement service in 

Replace your VELUX glazing/glass


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We can replace glazing with VELUX manufactured panes to most models.  If your window is pre 1991 we replace glazing with locally produced double glazed units.

All replacement pane installations include a free service of the VELUX window including re greasing mechanisms and replacing filters.


We can upgrade glazing in many models of VELUX rooflight.  VELUX supply conversion kits to allow installation of upgraded glazing to windows manufactured post 2001.  Contact us if to see if your skylight can be upgraded in 

How to find your VELUX product code

In most VELUX windows from the late 1960s to present day the product code can be found on the top edge of the window sash. You will need to open the window to view the product code.

If you cannot open your window or find the data plate then provide us with the size of the window frame internally.  Most pitched roof VELUX windows will have a code starting with GGL, GPL, GGU etc followed by one to four numbers/letters. The combination of these letters and numbers make up most of the details. This should be all the information we need to provide a quotation on replacement glazing in 

Velux Data Stamp Location
Velux Data Stamps


VELUX glazing shattered? 

If you have a VELUX window and the glazing seems to have shattered/broken by itself it may be covered under a product recall.  Certain models manufactured between 1997 and 2003 are affected and VELUX Company will arrange free replacement if your window is covered.

Read more and check your pane here.

If your pane is not covered please contact us for a quote on replacement VELUX glazing/glass.

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