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VELUX Felt Collar
VELUX Window Repair & Servicing
VELUX Repair

HessianCole specialise in VELUX windows, we are VELUX certified installers based in Bicester/Oxfordshire and we repair and service VELUX windows in 


VELUX Roof Window/Skylight Repair in


VELUX Roof Window/Skylight Servicing in


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Repair your VELUX windows

Having spent the last 10 - 15 years installing and repairing VELUX windows we have the experience needed to return your rooflight to its former glory.

Wear and tear, misuse and improper installation can all result in your VELUX window needing repair.

Improperly installed VELUX windows can result in leaks, draughts and the problematic operation of the window.

​Old VELUX windows can eventually begin to deteriorate causing leaks, draughts, condensation and difficulty operating the window.

Below are some of the common repair solutions we carry out for VELUX repair customers throughout Oxfordshire and surrounding counties.

  • Refit out of square VELUX window frame.

  • Replace or re cut improperly laid tiles to VELUX window perimeter.

  • Repair or replace existing felt and battens surrounding VELUX window.

  • Replace damaged flashing kit.

  • Install VELUX felt collar and reinstate VELUX window.

  • Replace and upgrade  blown or misted glazing.

  • Replace gaskets, filters and ventilation foam.

  • Replace or repair VELUX opening mechanisms, hinges, handles and latches.

  • Repair and refinish pine, white painted or upvc internal frame  finishes.

Service your VELUX windows

A little goes a long way when it comes to servicing your VELUX windows.

  • Basic visual checks to ensure there are no changes to external weathering.

  • Re seal glazing with new butyl putty.

  • Clean window internally and externally.

  • Re grease opening mechanism, hinges and latches.

  • Replace air filter and ventilation foam strip.

VELUX Repair Kit

Blown, misted and inefficient glazing not only costs money in loss of heat but it can quickly damage the internal finish of your VELUX window.  When you come to replace your glazing its a good chance to upgrade, if your window is within a certain age we can sometimes upgrade to triple glazing.  And on older windows we can still install much improved glazing that we have manufactured locally.  Click here to read more on VELUX replacement glazing.

VELUX Replacement Glazing
Replace your VELUX window glazing
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