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  • What payment methods are available?
    Our invoices contain bank details so you can pay via bank transfer. We also accept cheques. Card payments are also accepted but incur a fee. If your looking to obtain additional cover paying with a credit card we can take a small payment from the card and leave the remainder for bank transfer and your still covered but it reduces the fees.
  • Do you replace other types of roof window/skylight?
    We replace any roof window type/brand/manufacturer on pitched or flat roofs. We have experience replacing old cast iron roof windows, Velux GVA/GVT models, Rooflight Company windows and Roto, Fakro, Keylite models too. If there's a hole in your roof with some sort of window or pane of glass within it we can replace this with the nearest Velux equivalent.
  • Will you provide a FENSA/Certass certificate for my replacement window?
    Yes, HessianCole are registered with Certass to complete replacement window installations. Although often overlooked at time of installation the certificate we provide proves valuable when selling the property. All replacements also include the additional cover of an insurance backed guarantee so god forbid we go out of business any issues relating to building regulations/bad installation are covered too.
  • Do you take deposits?
    In most cases no, we just invoice in full on completion. For extremely large orders or custom orders we only take deposits to cover the product cost.
  • Can you repair my VELUX blind?
    We do not have much success in repairing VELUX blinds, the few times this is possible the time spent outweighs the cost of a new blind. If your blind is less than 3 years old it should be covered under warranty. If you have an electric or solar powered blind it may just need reconnecting to the remote. Contact us now if you need replacement VELUX blinds or have issues with electric or solar VELUX blinds.
  • What guarantee on VELUX installations do you provide?
    We provide a 10 year workmanship guarantee on all our new and replacement VELUX installations. Replacement skylight/rooflight installations also include building regulations paperwork provided through Certass or FENSA. Repair and servicing work we cannot guarantee as we do not have full knowledge of the complete installation and general condition behind the roof covering. The VELUX products we install have guarantee/warranty provided by VELUX. Windows and glazing generally hold a 10 year warranty, blinds and electric/solar powered products carry a 3 year warranty.
  • How much does it cost to replace VELUX windows?
    Many things affect the cost of replacing a VELUX roof window. The obvious variation is size and specification of the window you will be using to replace the existing one. Velux models with certain glazing and internal finish types along with required flashing kit and felt collar can vary in supply cost from £350 - £1000+. A small to average sized velux window with standard specification of centre pivot and double glazing can be supplied and fitted from £950 inc Vat. Multiple Velux windows in the same location greatly reduce this cost so you can expect an installation of 4 windows similar size and spec to be around £3000. Contact us now for a free quote on replacement VELUX roof windows.
  • Do you need scaffolding to replace or install VELUX windows?
    In most cases we do not need scaffolding to replace or even install new VELUX windows/skylights. 95% of our installs are carried out from inside your property safely from the floor, ladders or portable scaffold towers. This keeps us safe and reduces costs for our customers. The remaining 5% are the rare installations where access to the roof is easier than from inside the property. Sun Tunnels are the only installations that always require access to the roof and we do this using either scaffolding, portable towers and/or ladders depending on the property and location on the roof.
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