The VELUX CABRIO balcony opens in seconds to give your loft space a place in the sun. The innovative balcony adds air, light and a great view to your home. For added convenience, the VELUX CABRIO balcony fits flush with the roof when closed.


  • Enjoy a balcony instantly - VELUX CABRIO goes from roof window to balcony in seconds 

  • Bring the outside in - let in more natural daylight and fresh air 

  • Roof window or balcony – your choice - the top half opens like a traditional roof window

VELUX CABRIO Balcony - Oxfordshire
VELUX CABRIO Balcony - Oxfordshire
VELUX CABRIO Balcony - Oxfordshire
Call or Email now to arrange a free quotation on the installation of a VELUX CABRIO Balcony,  we are experienced not only in the fitting but also planning and building regulations approval.
Telephone Line open 24 hours a day 7 days a week


The VELUX CABRIO balcony can be fitted side by side with 1 or more additional CABRIO windows or a combination of CABRIO and fixed or standard VELUX windows.  Contact us now to find the solution you are looking for. 


White Painted Pine

Coated with a water-based lacquer and white paint that protects the wood against dirt and moisture. The bright white finish with discreet wood grain is perfect for modern interiors.

Clear Lacquered Pine

Pine finish roof windows are coated with a water-based clear lacquer that protects the wood against dirt and moisture. Matches perfectly with traditional interiors.

Choose from 2 widths

VELUX CABRIO Balconies are available in two sizes


Triple Glazing as standard

The VELUX CABRIO Balcony is supplied with triple glazing, including a laminated inner pane and toughened outer pane.  The glazing also benefits from an easy clean and anti dew coating.

  1. Laminated inner pane with extra sound insulation foils

  2. Toughened pane with anti-dew and easy-to-clean coating

  3. 3 layered glazing for extra heat insulation

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