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Replace and upgrade your VELUX windows. 

We replace VELUX windows for there modern equivalents and we also replace other brands with new VELUX windows.  Read our VELUX window replacement section for information on VELUX window replacement and the details we usually require to provide you with an accurate quotation.  Read more.

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Looking for a quote on replacement roof windows?, try our new quote form.

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Install new VELUX windows into your home.

At HessianCole we offer the full package.  Our skills originate from our General Building backgrounds.  So we are just as comfortable with the roofing side of a VELUX installation as we are with the internal making good.  We have extensive experience installing VELUX windows to properties throughout Oxfordshire and surrounding counties.  Read more on what a typical new installation involves along with details regarding planning and building regulations approval.  Read more.

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Replace and upgrade your VELUX glazing. 

Has your existing glazing reached the end of its life?.  Cloudy and misted glazing means the seal between the two panes has failed releasing the gas that helped reduce the transfer of heat.  This results in excess condensation and a non efficient window.  If your glazing is broken we can replace it along with a general service to the window.  If your window is over a certain age we can install a VELUX upgrade kit to allow it to accept a modern 24mm thick double glazed VELUX unit.  Read more.

VELUX Replacement Glazing
Service & Repair your VELUX windows. 

HessianCole can often offer repair of your existing VELUX window rather than complete replacement.  If you suspect your existing window is leaking we can repair it and service the existing parts to provide you with many more years of service. Read more about HessianCole VELUX servicing and repair.  Read more.


We supply and install the following VELUX products.

  • VELUX Windows for pitched roofs

  • VELUX Windows for flat roofs

  • VELUX Sun Tunnels.

  • VELUX Blinds

  • VELUX Accesories

  • VELUX Integra mains and solar powered windows

  • VELUX Cabrio Balcony & Roof Terrace windows

  • VELUX Special Function windows

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