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Let the light in!

Previously dark and even unused parts of your property could be transformed with natural daylight.  HessianCole install VELUX pitched and flat roof windows into existing roofs not only bringing daylight but adding much needed ventilation.

Design, Planning and Building Regulations

HessianCole can deal with every aspect of your new VELUX installation.​

  • Advice on final positioning of your new VELUX windows not only to achieve the best looks but to realize the full potential of the product.

  • Provide detailed or basic architects drawings for planning and building regulations approval.

  • Organize calculations from registered structural engineers as part of the building regulations approval process.

  • Submit applications and liaise with local authority to acquire planning and/or building regulations approval.

Typical VELUX Window New Installation

  • The average new installation of 2 - 4 VELUX pitch roof windows into an existing roof will be completed in 2 days.

  • On arrival we prepare the work area with sufficient protection from dust and moisture.  This also includes any floor protection to the access route.

  • We now investigate the location of existing elements of the roof structure and run through with you the exact positioning of the windows.

  • Any necessary alterations are made to the existing roof structure to accept your new generation VELUX window.

  • New installations often involve the installation of additional timbers even when the window size is relatively small. Depending on your roof covering the VELUX window we are installing is often considerably heavier than the equivelent area covered in tiles.

  • Any damaged areas of the existing felt membrane and/or battens are repaired.

  • On new installations we have the option of installing an insulation collar before we install the window frame.  

  • Your new VELUX window frame is prepared and installed.

  • We always install genuine VELUX felt collars to reduce the chance of future water ingress.

  • Next we install the flashing kit chosen for your roof material and tile/slate the window perimeter to result in the neatest and most watertight finish.

  • Internal plaster reveals are now formed, plaster boarded and prepared for plastering.

  • Plastering of the new window reveals and surrounding ceiling area is completed and finished ready to decorate.

  • As we begin to clear the work area we like to take the time to run through your new VELUX windows operation with you and make sure you are familiar with its features.

  • Clear work area and leave the property as it was on our arrival.

  • We can include redecorating to our installation cost but any re-plastered areas will need a return visit once sufficiently dry to paint.  In a heated and well ventilated property most plastering is ready to paint withing 5 - 10 days.

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