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How to put your Top Hung VELUX window into centre pivot orientation

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

We find many people are not aware that there Top Hung VELUX windows can still be rotated 180 degrees for cleaning of the exterior pane. This is simply done by opening the bottom handle and then also opening the top ventilation bar.

  • Ensure the window is fully closed with the bottom handle and the top ventilation bar in there closed positions.

  • Gently open the bottom handle without pushing the window out.

  • Now open the top ventilation bar, twisting the handle towards the glazing.

  • You can now rotate the window 180 degrees.

  • Secure the window in place by sliding the barrel bolt into the plastic bush at the bottom of the frame. On larger windows you may have a barrel bolt and bush on both sides of the window.

  • Reverse the process to return the window into its normal Top Hung orientation.

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