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Is your VELUX window an Electric Integra model or has it been converted?

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

If you have remote operated VELUX windows and you cannot see solar panels fixed to the top of the window you have an electric window, but when adding blinds its important to know if you have a factory fitted electric window or if the electric conversion has been added during or prior to installation.

Factory Fitted Electric Integra

If you have a factory fitted electric VELUX model you should have the blind clip shown at the top of the above image. Behind this clip the power for an electric blind is present. With electric blinds having no battery they would be the best choice for your window rather than the solar powered blinds.

Retro Fitted Electric

If the clip shown in the bottom two images above resembles your top right hand blind clip you have a converted window or an older electric model. In some cases its simpler to add a solar blind to these windows although please contact us first for advice.



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