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Which is best? Solar vs Electric VELUX Integra

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Upgrading an existing VELUX window or contemplating new or replacement VELUX windows its important to understand the benefits of both Solar or Electric remote operation models.

VELUX Electric Integra

The main benefit electric has over solar is there is no battery. All batteries have a lifespan and this is determined by various conditions and use. It is expected that the battery in a solar window should last approx 7 years and a replacement costs around £40.

The downside to electric is providing the supply. When part of a new extension or other works this might be a fairly simple addition, whereas when replacing VELUX windows providing this supply can not only add the cost of the electrician but also making good of the plasterwork when complete.

If you already have electrically operated windows then the existing supply may be adequate but certainly worth checking.

Electric operation can be added to existing VELUX models but it is usually simpler and more cost effective to install Solar when there is no supply available near to the windows.

Both the Electric and Solar models include a rain sensor.

VELUX Solar Integra

The main benefit electric has over solar is there is no battery. The most common choice in most situations is the VELUX Solar Integra models. This is a completely independent system with no wiring needed. The solar panel fits neatly on the top of the external flashing and is the only visible indicator that the window is in fact remote operated, all other parts are hidden when the window is closed. The solar models can be installed in replacement of existing windows with no additional cost to a manual window other than the increased cost of the window. The solar models still include a rain sensor and will close in the event of rain without issues in our experience.

Tip: Issues with your VELUX Solar or Electric windows.

Try cleaning the solar panel with an alcohol type wipe, build up of dirt on the panel can eventually start to cause unexpected closing of the windows.

With electric models clean the rain sensor, usually found mounted on the left hand side of the window externally.



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