• Effective heat protection 

• Solar powered 
• Quick installation

VELUX 6090 (Transparent)

6090 - Transparent

Get efficient heat protection with an awning blind for your VELUX flat roof window.

The awning blind lets you control the amount of heat and light that enter your room.

The solar energy gain is reduced by 76%. The awning blind is solar powered which allows easy installation without any need for wiring. It's remote controlled and is compatible with io-homecontrol®.

It is operated at the touch of a button with the supplied wireless wall switch.

While not in use, the awning blind is out of sight - hidden under its casing. When extended to the base of the sash, the semi-transparent fabric cuts out the direct rays of the sun, allowing full visibility to the outside, but reducing the heat.

The awning blind is installed from the outside and is placed between the dome and the window.  

Suitable for clear polycarbonate domes and curved glass rooflights only.

Not suitable for flat glass rooflights.

51992-VELUX-KLI-313-Wall-Switch (1).png

Have an existing VELUX touch screen remote?

The awning blind is Solar powered allowing operation using the supplied wireless wall switch or connecting to a VELUX Active home automation hub.

If you already have other VELUX Integra products you may have the discontinued KLR 200 remote control.  We can connect new VELUX Integra products to this remote control also.  

VELUX KLR 200 Programmable Remote Control

Additional VELUX Flat Roof sunscreening and privacy options.

Other options for your VELUX Flat Roof window include the transparent pleated and the light dimming pleated internal blinds.

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