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  • Softly diffuses daylight

  • Decorative

  • Convenient remote control operation

  • Perfect for softening incoming daylight and adding a decorative touch, pleated blinds are easy to open and close with our handy remote control. They are io-homecontrol compatible and come in three colours.

VELUX 1016 White (Semi Transparent)
VELUX 1016 White (Semi Transparent)

1016 - White

VELUX 1259 Classic Sand (Opaque)
VELUX 1259 Classic Sand (Opaque)

1259 - Classic Sand

VELUX 1265 Metallic Blue (Dimout)
VELUX 1265 Metallic Blue (Dimout)

1265 - Metallic Blue

VELUX Flat Roof Awnings

Reduce heat but still let the light in with a VELUX Flat Roof Awning blind.

The awning blind is fitted between the glazing and the top cover of your flat roof VELUX window.  

Remote control operation allows the awning to reduce the gain in temperature but still allow plenty of light to flood the space.

Read more about the VELUX flat roof window awning blind here.

The VELUX Pleated Flat Roof Window Blind

The pleated blind is available as electric only, teamed up with an electric VELUX INTEGRA window.  

If your existing window is manually operated the addition of a VELUX KUX 110 Control unit will provide the same functionality.

The VELUX Pleated flat roof blind is supplied with its own dedicated remote control, additional flat roof blinds will each also have there own dedicated remote control.

If you already have other VELUX Integra products you can use the KLR 200 remote control supplied with them to control the flat roof pleated blind or any other electric or solar VELUX products.  This remote then adds all manner of features that are described in more detail here.  These include being able to set opening and closing of the blinds to specific times of the day.  The KLR 200 remote is also available separately.

VELUX KUX 110 Control System
VELUX Standard Free Remote Control
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